UK’s Biggest Cable News Network Brilliantly Trolls Trump Prior To London Visit

I wish we'd thought of this ourselves!

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At this point, Donald Trump is absolutely aware of how the people of England feel about him, despite the idiotic statement he made to the UK Sun just a few days ago about being sure that he was well-liked. The fact is, Trump is internationally despised, and only a small fraction of Americans hold him in anything but the lowest regard, and there’s just no way he can hide from that, no matter how arrogant he is.

But it has to be pretty hard to swallow when a nation’s sentiment toward him is such common knowledge that even the news stations there are in on the “joke” about his visit.

It has by now been made clear that there are a number of royals who refuse to meet with Trump or his family at all, and it was just announced that he would not be addressing Parliament, either — a major snub for any world leader, but especially for the UK’s “strongest ally.”


It’s not like the BBC — essentially the English version of PBS or NPR — would get behind something as funny as trolling the President of the United States. The English sense of humor is particularly dry, after all.

But Sky News, the biggest cable news outlet in the UK, was more than happy to pick up the slack in advance of Trump’s visit to Britain, and tweeted out an announcement of their coverage of his stay with a hilarious video of something that’s become a staple of anti-Trump protests around the world: The Trump Baby Blimp.

Monday’s visit may mean meetings and state dinners and manners for England’s Prime Minister and the royal family, but for the citizens of London, it’s going to look a little more like an air show:

Capital! In fact, we Yanks are chuffed to bits at the hilarity of it all.

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