Twitter Responds To Image Ivanka Just Posted On Social Media: “How Much Did This Cost America?”

Nepotism Barbie strikes again.

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I’m honestly amazed that we have not yet discovered that Ivanka’s real middle name, rather than Marie, is “Oblivious.” She is constantly talking about empowering women while ignoring her father’s sexist policies and persona. She pretends like no one notices her sweatshops and shady patents from China. She acts like nobody knows her husband is helping try to sell out America to Saudi Arabia.

But you can almost chalk a hundred percent of that up to politics — the game, not the calling.

What’s really obnoxious about Ivanka Trump is how completely out of touch she is on social media. Whether she’s tweeting about being “en route to the Hague” (home of the international criminal court many believe her father belongs in), or violating the Hatch Act, or tweeting about the white supremacy that her father says doesn’t exist, Ivanka is hopelessly tone-deaf on Twitter.


Today’s ridiculously misguided tweet comes to you by way of Rome, Italy, where Ivanka is apparently vacationing with her husband, fresh on the heels of scandals involving taxpayer money and Trump golf resorts in both Ireland and Scotland, the ruling allowing an emoluments lawsuit against her father to proceed, and an ongoing perception of her entire family being grifters of the highest order.

Tweeters were not amused.

In fact, some of the original responses to the tweet were so furious that Ivanka took it down and retweeted it with the little heart emoji in it a few minutes later.

Stay off social media, you clueless trust fund baby.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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