Trump’s Son Just Ruined Midterm Elections For All Republicans, POTUS Humiliated Beyond Belief

Like father, like son!

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Donald Trump’s three older children — Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. — absolutely suck as human beings and belong as far away from the White House as possible (including their father), but Donnie Jr. is definitely the biggest moron of the entitled bunch.

Just like his dad, Trump Jr. has become known for his idiotic, racist tweets and lies both on and off of social media. His lack of intelligence has resulted in him divulging incriminating information about his father and family on a regular basis, and his stupidity has been a constant source of embarrassment not only for his dad, but the GOP in general. What he did today was probably the biggest blunder of them all.

Trump Jr. decided to tweet on Halloween, and it proved to be a fatal mistake for the Republican Party with midterm elections right around the corner. Trump Jr. posted a message encouraging Americans to vote “in 7 days” — and got the math totally wrong. Midterm elections are in SIX days, and if someone doesn’t correct Trump Jr.’s gullible conservative followers, several “patriots” aren’t going to get their chance to vote! Trump Jr. tweeted:


In 7 DAYS we need every patriot to get to the polls and make their voice heard LOUD and CLEAR!”

You would think Trump Jr. would have learned by now — but he clearly hasn’t wised up since last year. In 2017, Trump Jr. had no idea it was Election Day as he told voters to vote “tomorrow.”

As expected, people wasted no time blasting Trump Jr. for this reckless mistake.

This glaring error is unfortunate timing for the Republican Party, as they need every conservative vote they can get in the midterms and this tweet probably cost them several. But Trump Jr. isn’t the only Trump the GOP needs to worry about in the midterms. Earlier this month, Trump almost screwed up during a speech in Nevada as he said:

Can you believe that? Remember that beautiful November 8th? Don’t get that confused — don’t get that confused with November 6th. I’ll just mention it one more time, November 8th, was that a great, great day?”

Looks like it runs in the family.

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