Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser Reveals His Racist Self In Unearthed Video That’s Gone Viral

The racism inside the Trump White House runs deep, and this video proves it.

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Stephen Miller, Donald Trump’s speechwriter-turned-senior policy adviser, has been a key player in the administration since before Trump even sat in the White House. His presence is seen by many as a large part of what makes Trump policy overtly racist in its application when it comes to undocumented immigrants — with a number of people who know him personally referring to him as a white supremacist.

That’s supremely ironic, given Miller’s own family history: His uncle David Glosser just penned an op-ed for Politico in which he calls Stephen an “immigration hypocrite.” The piece is full of choice quotes about Miller’s own Jewish heritage, contrasting the young man’s penchant for anti-immigrant policies and what might have happened to his own family had those policies been in place in the early 20th century:

I have watched with dismay and increasing horror as my nephew, an educated man who is well aware of his heritage, has become the architect of immigration policies that repudiate the very foundation of our family’s life in this country … I would encourage Stephen to ask himself if the chanting, torch-bearing Nazis of Charlottesville, whose support his boss seems to court so cavalierly, do not envision a similar fate for him.”

Miller remains unrepentant.


So much so, in fact, that he has never considered even for one second apologizing for the crude and racist “joke” he made about immigrants while delivering the keynote address at the 2015 Katz Award at the Center for Immigration Studies — an organization whose name ostensibly promises research into the benefits or effects of immigration, but is actually a bit of Orwellian doublespeak masking a staunchly pro-white, anti-any-other-color group that lobbies the federal government for policies that prohibit even legal immigration.

A video of the speech has gone viral, after Democratic Coalition founder Scott Dworkin unearthed it once more and tweeted it this afternoon.

…a debate that far too often operates like illegal immigrants — in the shadows.”

A larger version of the video is here:

Will Donald Trump ever listen to the throngs of people calling for Stephen Miller to be fired?

Not likely.

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