Trump’s Racism Just Blew Up In His Face As Major Group Of Voters Plan To Dominate Midterms

These stats will kill Trump's hope for a Republican majority.

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Donald Trump is really going to regret all the times he insulted the Latino community because his racist attacks are about to haunt him at the voting booths in November.

Thanks to Trump’s horrendous leadership and his purposeful exclusion and discrimination against the Latino community, a new poll has shown that this group of voters is going to overwhelmingly vote for a Democratic Congress by over a 3-1 margin. It turns out, Trump’s approval rating with Latinos is only 26 percent.

The poll, which was just released by Noticias Telemundo, was done by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal and it discovered that an overwhelming 65 percent of Latinos disapprove of Trump’s job as POTUS and are planning to make sure that Congress is led by Democrats in the midterm elections.


In the data, there were also several other bits of information that will strike fear into Trump and the GOP. For example, 64 percent of Latinos want Democrats in government, with only 21 percent preferring Republicans. A great majority of Latino voters are also against Trump’s most racist policies — 77 percent of registered voters want to support candidates who favor legal status for DREAMers and 63 percent do not want to vote for candidates who support Trump’s border wall. Those percentages are far higher than the national averages.

While Trump may have been able to successfully create a solid fanbase with his racist policies and talking points, this approach has seriously backfired with the rest of the country. Minority voters are tired of his disgusting, hateful attacks and policies, and are using their voting power to tell the Republican Party how they really feel. Trump, who has been bragging about how much he’s “winning” on Twitter, is in for a very rude awakening in November when he finds out that his crusade to make America white again has failed miserably.

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