Trump’s Press Secretary Got Demolished On Television For Saying The President “Doesn’t Lie”

She can't POSSIBLY be serious right now.

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America totally understands what it’s getting now, when we see Sarah Huckabee Sanders take the podium at a press briefing: We are about to hear a bunch of carefully-worded denials of reality. Some people, in fact, might be tempted to pity Sanders, being the woman tasked with confronting America with thinly-veiled horseshit masquerading as “official statements” and “we’ve already addressed that.”

But as a nation we need to resist that urge, because Sarah has been clear from the very beginning — not only will she parrot the administration’s official line, but she actually believes the nonsense that she’s saying. In fact, she appeared on television and sat next to her own father on a panel of friendly interviewers on ABC’s The View, and she laid out exactly what America needs to know about the method and frequency with which she has always intended to lie for the President.

In the appearance seen here, guest host Sara Haines tried to warn Sanders of the dangers of simply labeling all media “fake news,” as Trump so often does, because it confuses Americans and muddies the waters when it comes to reports that are backed up one hundred percent with facts.


But when Sanders tried to come back with some nonsense about it being the media’s job to make sure fake things don’t get reported — insinuating that those things with which the administration disagrees are fake — host Joy Behar interjected: “Is the media supposed to not report on the fact that 95 percent of what he says is a lie?” Sanders replied,

I know that is simply not accurate, and I think that’s one of the dangers that we have right now, is we are pushing so many false narratives every day, we’re creating false perceptions about the President, and frankly, inhibiting his ability to succeed.”

Then she trotted out the line about America should want Trump to succeed, to which host Whoopi Goldberg had a perfect response:

You’re correct, but you also have to get somebody in the office who recognizes what the truth is … And I will take you just to one point that we can all agree on: Where was President Obama born, and is he an American citizen?”

Sanders stammered hastily the same thing she says at every press briefing: “I think this has been pretty well addressed.” Whoopi wanted none of that:

That’s a narrative that went on forever, and really, he didn’t clear it up until after he was in office.”

The fact is, Donald Trump is a liar and Sarah Huckabee Sanders deserved every bit of the shaming she got on The View for defending him. With the frequency and ridiculousness of his lies only increasing with every passing day, it’s time for the Trump administration to just own it.

Watch the exchange here:

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