Trumps Own Lawyers Just Threw Him Under The Bus In Stormy Daniels Case

This is going to be devastating for Trump.

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Not even Donald Trump’s lawyers can save the president from his many scandals and inevitable fate.

A new report has just released a few damning details about Trump — the president’s lawyers have accidentally thrown their own client under the bus by suggesting that he should come clean about his many affairs in hopes that he might be able to mitigate the legal disasters that have recently happened after Michael Cohen’s guilty plea a few days ago.

According to Vanity Fair‘s Gabriel Sherman, several sources have said that between Cohen’s plea deal and Paul Manafort’s conviction, Trump is flying off the handle and is now more temperamental than ever in the White House. To help combat Cohen’s accusations that Trump was involved in the hush money payments to silence Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, it’s being reported that Trump’s lawyers made an interesting suggestion to the president about how he could downplay the payments:


Privately, according to two sources, Trump attorneys suggested that a strategy for dealing with the issue could be for Trump to admit to having affairs with women and paying hush money to them for years…Trump, according to the sources, rejected this advice. ‘It was because of Melania,’ one source said.”

The report also said that due to Trump’s erratic behavior, senior officials have discussed the possibility of getting Rudy Giuliani and some of Trump’s other trusted buddies to come into the White House for some sort of weird “intervention” to soothe the president (as if Trump could get any more childish).

When you look at the larger scope of Trump’s behaviors and actions, everything he does adds up to him being guilty as hell. He continuously acts like a man who is hiding numerous skeletons deep in his closet and every time we get closer to seeing them, he goes off the rails. No intervention or strategy from his lawyers can save Trump now, it’s just a waiting game at this point.

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