Trump’s Own Administration Just Threw Him Under The Bus For Protecting Kavanaugh From Sexual Assault Allegations

The White House is speaking out. This is really, REALLY bad.

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Donald Trump may have just said it was okay for the woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault to delay his voting date so that her voice could be heard, but no one should believe that Trump has suddenly become virtuous or started caring about women.

As Kavanaugh is Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and the president is getting credit for saying the vote could be delayed so Kavanaugh’s accuser can come forward, Trump is still Trump and doing all that he can to protect men who violate women (Roy Moore, anyone?).

According to Kavanaugh’s accuser, he sexually assaulted her in high school. The FBI could easily move this whole thing along by vetting the accusations against Kavanaugh, but the problem is that Trump’s won’t let them! Trump is actively protecting Kavanaugh by refusing to give the FBI permission to look into the accuser’s story, probably because Trump is afraid they might discover something that would harm his Supreme Court nominee.


Because Trump is doing something shady to keep Kavanaugh’s past a mystery, two sources from the White House have outed the president and told Bloomberg News that Trump would not let the FBI investigate the comments of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who is Kavanaugh’s accuser. Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Ronald Hosko said:

The FBI is basically working for the White House. Their job is to dig into the details and let the White House counsel know if there is derogatory information. You can go get yearbooks and start interviewing high school classmates. For creative-minded FBI people, they can generate leads all day long.”

No one should be surprised that the president isn’t allowing the FBI to look into this. As a man who is also guilty of sexual assault and terrified of FBI investigations, Trump is defending the men who remind him of himself.

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