Trump’s Own Acting Chief Of Staff Just Admitted The “Hypocrisy” Of POTUS Hiring Immigrants On National Television

Trump is going to flip out.

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Donald Trump is in a crapload of trouble not only for his pathetic crusade to get his border wall, but for the fact that he’s a complete hypocrite who has hired countless undocumented workers at his golf resorts so he could continue lining his pockets.

Trump’s crimes are now so great that even his own team — including his acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney — have called the president out as a hypocrite. This morning, Mulvaney went on Fox News for an interview with anchor Chris Wallace and was asked to explain the “apparent hypocrisy” of how Trump has hired undocumented employees yet continues to have a horrifically racist immigration stance. Wallace said:

But the Washington Post reports this weekend that the Trump golf club in New Jersey has employed a steady stream of illegal immigrants for years, and that the managers at the club knew they were illegal. How do you explain this apparent hypocrisy by president Trump and by his business?”

Mulvaney struggled to make any sound argument:


I think you and I have talked about, with my job, is what I call compartmentalization, which is that I deal with running the White House, we deal with running the government.”

Then, Mulvaney confirmed that Wallace’s question about Trump’s “hypocrisy” was fair:

But what you just put up, it’s a fair question.”

Mulvaney stated it was “a question that goes to the Trump Organization, and not to the Trump White House. We are not involved in the operation of those facilities.”

When asked if Trump had ever discussed “the fact there apparently was a stream of illegals working for him,” Mulvaney tried to get away from the discussion as quickly as possible:

No I don’t talk with the president about his business. I know that sounds unusual to people, but we have so much to do running the government we don’t get into these other matters.”

I would love to know how Trump is going to respond to his own acting Chief of Staff confirming that the president looks like a hypocrite. You can watch the segment below:

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