Trump’s Old Tweet About Security Clearance Comes Back To Haunt Him, Americans Let Him Have It

Trump's tweets have come back to bite him in the ass again

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President Trump’s constant use of Twitter has come back to haunt him repeatedly over the years but today an old tweet about security clearances for his children has Americans livid. A report from the New York Times showed Trump forced his former chief of staff John Kelly to grant Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and senior presidential adviser, a top-secret security clearance despite the President claiming otherwise.

As it turns out, Trump commanded Kelly to give Kushner the clearance the day after the White House Counsel’s Office urged him not to grant it. The order prompted two internal memos — one from Kelly on being forced to give clearance and another from then-White House counsel Don McGahn advising he not receive the clearance citing issues surrounding Kushner brought up by the CIA and other officials.


Kushner’s attorney Abbe Lowell told CNN in May 2018 that “there was … nobody in the political process that had anything to do with” the security clearance and “there was nobody who pressured it. It was just done the normal, regular way.”

While Trump and his associates have screamed over and over about the “fake news” stories his administration has had written about them, the American public isn’t nearly as dumb as he wants them to be.

Some people hilariously noted Trump’s tendency to externalize his shortcomings through his tweets.

Other Twitter users are understandably pissed and not in a mood to crack jokes about the contradictory tweet. Take a look at how some people are reacting below.

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