Trump’s Notes For His Racist Speech Attacking Congresswomen Are Revealed In A Photo

Remind us again who needs to 'learn English.'

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Donald Trump is hands down the most racist president this country has ever had the misfortune of knowing. He’s also certainly the orangest one, and may even be the most arrogant out of all 45 of them. But what he certainly is not, is the smartest.

Donald loves to tout the idea that he’s the most intelligent, most attractive Godsend that has ever graced the halls of the White House. Yet time and time again he just continues to prove himself the dumbest, most idiotic, most ignorant human being to ever hold a position of power in this nation.

Over the weekend, Donald made sure to hold his own as the most racist president to ever live when he sent out a series of tweets attacking several Congresswomen of color, in which he implemented the timeless racist insult, “go back where you came from.”


This afternoon, during a speech at his “Made in America” event, Trump doubled down on that hateful rhetoric, slamming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a racist for her remarks stating that Donald was trying to “make American white again” and reiterated his hateful, race-fueled attack on the Congresswomen, claiming that Representative Ilhan Omar loves Al-Qaeda.

However, in that swirl of blatant racism and hatefulness, we are also reminded of Donald’s painful level of downright stupidity, now that his racist speech notes have been leaked all over social media.

In the photos, you will see Donald’s notes from earlier today in which he had underlined every horrid, revolting statement he planned to make. But the kicker of it all? The man loves to shit talk Rep. Omar and her supposed ties to Al-Qaeda, yet he can’t even spell it.

At the very top of his page, in his signature black permanent marker is “Alcaida. Some People.”

Donald harped back on the “some people” remark made by Rep. Omar earlier this year that was taken out of context and used to ignite racist, hateful, and even harmful threats against the congresswoman’s life — which Trump certainly did his fair share of partaking in.

But as it turns out, he doesn’t even know how to spell the bullshit that continues to spew from his ignorant mouth.

Take several seats and learn some English yourself there, Captain Bone Spurs, before you go running your mouth about anyone else.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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