Trump’s Family Member Now Being Investigated For Hatch Act Violation

They're coming for you, Jared!

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Recently, the Office of the Special Counsel has called on Donald Trump to terminate the employment of counselor Kellyanne Conway due to multiple violations of the Hatch Act — A law that prohibits executive branch employees of the federal government from engaging in certain political activity. Which, let’s face it, Conway has done a lot. 

Of course, Donald completely ignored the strong recommendation from the Special Counsel’s office and even went on to attack them for supposedly infringing on Kellyanne’s right to free speech. Because Donald loves that First Amendment so long as you’re saying nice things about him.

But it seems she’s not the only member of the Trump administration that’s feeling the heat of the Hatch Act these days.  Reps. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Don Beyer (D-VA) are now calling for an investigation into Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner as well for Hatch Act violations.


“As you know, under the Hatch Act, federal employees are prohibited from fundraising for political candidates,” the Reps. wrote to the Office of the Special Counsel. “Alarmingly, recent media reports indicate that Mr. Kushner is nonetheless taking a direct role in raising funds for the re-election campaign of President Donald Trump.”

“The larger context of Trump administration officials failing to comply, being previously reprimanded by OSC, and, in some cases, openly flouting Hatch Act requirements also argues against giving senior Administration officials benefit of the doubt when considering potential violations,” the letter continued.

Truthfully, even if the OSC does make a termination recommendation for Kushner’s Hatch Act violations, we don’t see Donald doing any more about it than he did with Kellyanne. In fact, chances are he will act out even worse than before considering that Kushner is married to his favorite daughter.

But it doesn’t bode well for Trump that he refuses to make his administration play by the rules, considering the 2020 election is just right around the corner.

Here’s to hoping his whole damn administration tanks with him.

You can read the full letter here:

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