Trump’s Disturbing Behavior On Border Tour Revealed, Reporters Appalled By His Special Guest

You've got to be kidding me.

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Donald Trump’s pathetic visit to the border wall earlier today was shunned by most of America, as is his ongoing government shutdown and cries for funding his racist wall. The president’s behavior today was nothing short of unpresidential (as usual) and was just what we’ve come to expect from the unhinged POTUS. However, theres another detail being reported that many are finding unsettling.

It turns out that Trump was accompanied on his border tour by someone who has influenced the president before — idiotic Fox News host Sean Hannity. As Hannity was doing an interview with Trump later that evening, Hannity was given special treatment and was allowed to ditch the press corps and hang with Trump administration officials. Philip Rucker of the Washington Post noted that the Fox News host was getting up close and personal with key administration members, reporting the “special access” that no one else had previously been granted.

Sean Hannity has special access here. He huddled with [White House communications director] Bill Shine and [Department of Homeland Security] Secretary [Kirstjen] Nielsen and is following along on Trump’s tour, only standing with the staff and federal officials as opposed to the press corps.”


Trump’s relationship with Hannity has always been creepy — it’s been widely reported that The Donald would regularly phone Hannity before bed or go to the Fox News host for advice instead of asking the actual experts in his administration. Trump has also routinely used Hannity to promote himself and manipulate viewers. To have Hannity this involved on the border tour is quite frightening and one has to wonder what kind of irresponsible nonsense is going to come out of this interview.

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