Trump’s Daughter Just Took A Trip To The South Of France And It’s Going To Cost Us A Fortune

The whole family is FULL of grifters.

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After last week’s revelation that Donald Trump’s golf outings have already cost US taxpayers more than a hundred million dollars, or about 13 times the salary he promised he wouldn’t take if he were elected President, it’s hard to imagine how the Trump family could possibly bilk us out of even more money.

I mean, I guess they could plan to take the whole family on a trip to London when only the President and First Lady were invited for a state dinner there with the queen, and stick us with the tab for that. Or I suppose Trump could keep fighting the emoluments cases against him, forcing taxpayers to foot the legal bill for lawsuits he knows he’ll lose in the end.

Or, the Trump family could hope that America will do like they all do and just forget that Tiffany Trump exists.


That’s the only way Tiffany’s luxurious vacation in the south of France can be excused — the Second Daughter just attended the Cannes Film Festival with a full Secret Service detail and sent taxpayers the bill, as usual. Earlier this year, Tiffany jaunted off to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and costs were similar. But if $20,000 in expenses for a vacation for an adult child — Tiffany is 25 years old — who is in no way connected to government work of any kind still seems like small change when we’re talking about White House expenditures, remember: That’s twenty-five percent more than a person making the federal minimum wage earns in a year.

She sure did look pretty, though:


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It seems like Tiffany is learning from the master — soak up everything you can, while you can, and act as though it’s all perfectly normal.

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