Trump’s Breakdown After Midterm Losses Revealed, POTUS’ Behavior Reaches New Disturbing Level

This news is honestly scary.

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Donald Trump’s tweets after the midterm election were certainly telling, signaling that the president was not well and having a breakdown over the Republican losses. Humiliated that he had been overly confident, the president’s denial and lies have reached new levels and not even a trip to France could rescue the president from his torment and mental instability.

New reports detail that Trump is actually far worse than we know — he’s been practically taken over by his anger since the midterm election, and it’s going to have devastating effects on his administration. According to these reports, Trump has become even more withdrawn, bitter, and unpleasant to be around and things only got worse during his weekend visit to France after the president ditched a visit to the WWI cemetery and refused to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day. He also attacked both French President Emmanuel Macron on Twitter and flipped out on British Prime Minister Theresa May when she tried to congratulate him on GOP midterm wins.

The past week has left Trump seething and filled with rage, and Trump spent much of his time in Paris watching television, stewing in his anger. Trump reportedly told his aides that he felt disconnected from midterms while he was in France, as vote counts were continuing in Florida and Arizona. Reports also state that Trump was “infuriated” by the negative coverage following the president’s decision to not commemorate the end of World War I with other world leaders. The Washington Post reported:


Trump chose not to make the trip, and Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, and Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, attended in his stead.

But Trump quickly grew infuriated by a torrent of tweets and media coverage suggesting that the president was afraid of the rain and did not respect veterans…

Trump told aides he thought he looked ‘terrible’ and blamed his chief of staff’s office, and [Deputy Chief of Staff Zachary Fuentes] in particular, for not counseling him that skipping the cemetery visit would be a public-relations nightmare.”

Trump tried to comfort himself by tweeting, but that was useless. LA Times reported that Trump “retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment,” unable to cope with Democratic gains from the midterms:

Behind the scenes, they say, the president has lashed out at several aides, from junior press assistants to senior officials. ‘He’s furious,’ said one administration official. ‘Most staffers are trying to avoid him.’

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, painted a picture of a brooding president ‘trying to decide who to blame’ for Republicans’ election losses, even as he publicly and implausibly continues to claim victory.”

Trump has never needed a mental evaluation — or at least some sort of psychiatric help — more than now. Unfortunately, the White House is just going to keep ignoring that the president is unwell.

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