Trump’s Biggest Fan Just Turned Into His Biggest Hater, Admits “No Question” Pelosi Played Trump

This has got to be CRUSHING for the President.

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When we look back at the events that led to Donald Trump caving to Nancy Pelosi on funding for his vanity wall along the southern border, it’s likely that we will measure the closures or partial closures of major American airports — including in New York City and Newark, New Jersey — as the biggest factors in his decision to reopen the government. It was distressingly easy for Trump to ignore the plight of federal workers, but when LaGuardia is down, it’s hard to keep making his point that nothing is more important than the wall.

But how much analysis will we do of what led Trump to create this crisis in the first place? There had already been bills passed in the House and Senate that included wall funding that he passed on before deciding to enter the ring with the Speaker of the House after Democrats took over early in January. Why didn’t he just sign those?

Many believe that conservative columnist and professional asshole Ann Coulter was responsible for the shutdown, along with perhaps Rush Limbaugh, who I honestly forgot existed until I saw his fat Nazi face back in December before the shutdown began.


After all, who would Trump fans listen to more than the woman who wrote a book literally called In Trump We Trust?

Now Ann is pissed. Few missed her tweet yesterday in which she attacked Trump as a “wimp” she compared to former President George HW Bush (a decorated soldier):

But Ann carried on into the afternoon, and finally, on AM 1070 KNX, a Los Angeles news radio station, she let it all loose:

We thought, ‘Hey, maybe this guy’s wacky enough, he won’t care what the elite say, and he’ll build the wall.’ That was what put him in the White House. He has got to build the wall.

There’s no question but that Nancy Pelosi got the better of Donald Trump.”

That’s some admission. And when you put that up next to Trump’s pathetic denial that his epic about-face on wall funding was any kind of concession, it actually looks like Coulter might be right about him: He is a wimp. But then, we didn’t have to be embarrassed about a book we wrote to come to that conclusion.

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