Unearthed Video Of Trump At Mar-a-Lago Shows POTUS Possibly Violating Ethics Laws

He is breaking the law.

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Remember the time when Donald Trump promised America that if he won the election, he would separate himself from all of his businesses and conflicts of interest?

That broken vow, like many others, has faded into the background due to the president’s many other high profile scandals, but no one should forget that Trump is still very involved in his businesses and organizations, and continuously uses his presidency to line his pockets.

In fact, Trump intended to use the presidency for his own personal gain from the start. Erin Burnett OutFront had originally aired footage of Trump at a New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago, exposing a shocking moment from the then-President-elect. It turns out, Trump had given a speech where he openly praised Hussain Sajwani, a business partner from Dubai who was also at the party. While the footage was recorded without Trump’s knowledge by a party guest, he should have been more careful with his words — because now it’s coming back to haunt him.


When Brian Stelter commented on the tape, he noted that this speech by Trump definitely validates the concerns that were pouring in about Trump’s business interests and the obvious overlap with his role as President of the United States. Stelter said:

You can build the highest wall imaginable to restrict Donald Trump from his business interests. And yet he’ll still know what’s on the other side of that wall because he’s had these relationships for years.”

Exactly. Trump’s team tried to silence these concerns and insisted that there was “no business conducted” during the New Year’s Eve bash. However, no one can deny what host Erin Burnett pointed out: it’s truly bizarre that a business partner would come all the way from Dubai to see Trump without conducting any business. Considering how dishonest and secretive Trump has been during his presidency, we wouldn’t be surprised if Trump’s team is covered for him.

You can watch Trump’s speech below:

It’s interesting how relevant this video is today, as Trump is doing his best to dodge Special Counsel Robert Mueller for his many scandals. This proves that Trump never had good intentions for America.

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