Trump Voters Furious With Their Tiny Tax Refunds, Realize POTUS Sold Them A Scam

The truth hurts!

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Donald Trump made a hell of a lot of promises during his presidential campaign, and now the entire country is watching them fall apart one by one. Even the Americans who voted for him are finding out that they’ve been duped by a con artist, and things aren’t looking pretty for the president’s hopeful 2020 run.

Compared to last year, the average tax refund has decreased 8 percent, infuriating voters who thought Trump and the GOP were going to be the answer to all their problems. In December 2017, Trump and the Republicans passed a tax reform bill which turned out to be a disaster. We’re now finding out that people, on average, will receive $170 less in their tax refunds. For some Americans, it’s even worse.

John Prugh, a Barnes & Noble manager in New Jersey, discovered that his refund was going to be $3,000 less than last year — despite the fact that he and his wife experienced no changes to their income, home, or lifestyle. Prugh said:


It totally feels like a scam. I did still get a small refund, but compared to what I was expecting from previous years, it was shock.”

These lower refunds are thanks to the changed tax deductions in the GOP tax bill. Sal Ramirez, a packaging designer from California, will only get a $900 refund this year — $300 lower than last year. He said:

I am really frustrated with my refund this year. I was expecting good chunk of change. I was going to put it toward buying a car.”

For some Americans, this is giving them even more fire to punish the GOP. Although Prugh didn’t vote for Trump, this has inspired him to aggressively promote Democrats even harder in the next election. Prugh said:

I did not vote for Trump. As active as I got in the last election cycle and as active as I plan to be in 2020, this put more urgency behind it than almost any other thing that has happened.”

We can only imagine how Trump voters must feel — and it’s likely that they’re going to turn against him. The Republican Party has truly screwed itself over by trying to make themselves rich.

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