Trump Uses Children To Push His Agenda, Says Little Kid Told Him To “Build The Wall”

This is just SO distasteful!

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It’s bad enough that Donald Trump ruined Easter by giving a completely inappropriate speech at the White House in front of a large group of children who just wanted to go Easter egg hunting on the president’s lawn. Trump has made yet another brutal f*ck up by trying to defend his racist border wall, claiming that children support it. Is he serious?!?!

The White House Pool Report, as stated to PoliticusUSA, reported:

I didn’t hear this but others in the pool did: During the event the president looked up at one point while coloring the cards with the kids and said one of the children told him to build the wall. Will send exact quote when I get it.”

While the exact quote has not been provided yet, this proves that Trump will do anything to make his border wall seem more attractive — even if it means lying or manipulating the words of a child.


This is just another example of why Donald Trump should not be president. This man is the furthest thing from a role model this country could have given America’s youth and the Republican Party has done our younger generation a great disservice by allowing him to go unchecked.

Not only has Trump’s presidency resulted in a massive rise in bullying (on and offline), racism and bigotry, but it has also proven that the truth doesn’t matter and that lying is fine when you can get away with it. Trump will literally use anything and anyone to push his terrible agenda, and for the President of the United States to use an innocent child to advance his propaganda is shameful and must be denounced. At a time where very little in our country is safe from the president’s tyranny, the very least we can do is protect America’s kids.

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