Trump Tweets Racist Meme About 2020 Opponent, Americans Rip Him Apart

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You can tell that Donald Trump is already scared of the first major official opponent that’s declared their candidacy for the next presidential election because when he gets scared he starts tweeting offensive things. I’m sure there’s some deep psychological explanation that could no doubt be explained much better by any one of the numerous doctors who have assessed his varying mental incapacities over the last two years, but really it’s just kind of an observable thing.

That’s why it was no surprise to see Trump start off January with a racist meme attacking Elizabeth Warren’s heritage with a juvenile meme meant to appeal to his bigoted and sexist supporters.


And of course, the meme originated with racist Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, a right-wing publication which once listed Native American contributions to history as “dreamcatchers, tomahawks, and cannibalism” in a horrifying video posted on Columbus Day in 2017. Clearly, both Shapiro and Trump have zero respect for Natives in the first place and would feel the same about Elizabeth Warren if she actually were Pocahontas, the name that Trump uses derisively to refer to her.

We’re not sure Trump was ready for the responses he got — people posted some choice memes of their own:

There was even a perfect meme of Warren herself with a warning for Trump:

Cheer up, Trump — you may not have to run against her at all.

You might be in jail.

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