Trump Tries To Call For Unity After Bomb Threats, Then Immediately Makes Another Joke About One Of The Targeted Victims

This is horrifying.

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Donald Trump spoke today at the Young Black Leadership Summit, a gathering for conservative black youths hosted by Turning Point USA, and found himself required to respond to the capture and arrest of Cesar Sayoc Jr, the terrorist responsible for sending bombs through the mail to a litany of targets that Trump has publicly attacked.

Although he did not address the fact that Sayoc was a supporter of his who drove a vehicle covered in pro-Trump, pro-GOP stickers, he did make a call for “unity” while speaking to the Republican kids:

The bottom line is that Americans must unify. We must show the world that we are united together in peace and love and harmony as fellow American citizens. There is no country like our country and every day we are showing the world just how truly great we are.”

Of course, that sentiment is somewhat belied by his tweet from earlier today, when he lamented the fact that all this “bomb stuff” seemed to be hurting Republicans at the polls in the early voting leading up to the midterms:


But his words eventually rang completely hollow as he went on with his speech, proving that he doesn’t actually care at all about unity. If he did, it seems like he would at least try to sound like he was being careful not to call for further action against the political opponents of his that were targeted by the terrorist — and yet when he brought up “globalists” as he spoke, someone in the crowd yelled out “George Soros!” in reference to the billionaire philanthropist at the center of more than a handful of anti-Semitic right-wing conspiracy theories.

Soros, of course, was the first target of the Trump-supporting bomber.

As the chants of “Soros” got louder, someone else piped up, “Lock him up!”

The President laughed, pointed at the person who yelled it out, and repeated it: “[Ha ha] Lock him up.”

It’s clear Trump couldn’t care less about the safety of any of the bomber’s targets — but then we already knew that, since it was his comments that inspired the terrorist in the first place.

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