Trump Touring Border To Show Off Portion Of His Wall, Just Got A Rude Awakening After Stepping Off The Plane

This is NOT how he hoped today might go.

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Donald Trump had big plans today. He boarded Air Force One, took off for NAS El Centro in California, then headed south to Calexico, where he made a huge show of touring The Wall™ that’s “being built” there — in actuality a replacement section for fencing that was torn down from disrepair.

The Border Patrol, months ago, made it a point to let the public know that the section of The Wall™ that Trump is touring today was not new — and yet today it bears a plaque saying that it is new, and was built because of Trump:

This plaque was installed on October 26, 2018, to commemorate the completion of the first section of President Trump’s border wall.”

But seeing that plaque, installed by his evil minion Kirstjen Nielsen, will be small comfort to Trump after what was waiting for him when he arrived at the border: Protesters, signs, and biggest of all, Baby Trump, all awaiting the President at his big event for The Wall™.


And of course, the man behind the Baby Trump balloon was there as well:

This is DEFINITELY not how Trump saw today’s victory lap going.

Featured image via screen capture

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