Trump Tells Ireland’s PM He’s Friends With Millions Of Irish People Living In The US: “I Know Most Of Them”

We can't take him anywhere.

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It seems like no matter what country in the world Donald Trump is visiting, no matter what the topic is he’s speaking on, he just can’t help but put his foot in his mouth.

This time, on the final leg of his UK visit, he was scheduled to meet with Irish Taoiseach (TEE-shock, their version of Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar in the VIP Lounge of the Shannon airport, of all places — the odd location chosen quickly after Varadkar declined to meet Trump on the links of his golf resort in Doonbeg, County Clare.

The two discussed trade and the impending Brexit deal — Trump supports the UK leaving the European Union — and Trump expressed his hopes for Ireland’s border security to continue working as it does now in the event that Brexit causes the nation to have to set up a “hard” border. Currently, EU countries do not have anything like what one experiences going from, say, the US to Mexico or Canada.


The Irish leader took a small jab at the visiting President when Trump brought up his own “border issues” back home, telling him, “one thing we want to avoid, of course, is a wall or border between us.”

But then Trump apparently decided it had been far too long since he’d said anything bizarre or unintelligible, so he began heaping praise on “the Irish” who live in the United States — telling Varadkar and the gathered reporters that he knows most of them — the millions of Irish people in America — because they’re his “friends.”

CNN’s Josh Cambell sent out a video on social media of the moment:

We’re certain that’s news to the many, many Irish people here in the US who despise the President, and perhaps moreso to those that like him — he’s yet to come ’round and buy them a pint.

Featured image via screen capture

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