Trump Tells His Supporters At PA Rally That Me Too “Rules” Prevent Him From Saying Something He Really Wants To Say

What a PIG.

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Tonight at Donald Trump’s eleventy-seventh rally of the year, this one in Erie, Pennsylvania, it seemed like the stakes were a little higher than they might otherwise have been at one of his regular, disgusting, right-wing orchestras of chanting deplorables.

There’s a hurricane, you see, and tonight the President made the judgment call that those folks in Erie just wouldn’t abide it if he stood them up, no matter how tasteless it looks for him to travel the country celebrating how amazing he thinks he is while people lose their homes to Hurricane Michael.

And Trump must have felt the fervor in the room tonight — must have felt that people were really ready for him to let loose, since his supporters have now all proven that absolutely nothing in the universe would ever make them waver in that support, even if Trump actively covered for a literal rapist so he could have a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court.


Why do I reckon Trump knew the crowd was primed for the very worst he could give them?

That’s why.

What on earth could he possibly have wanted to say? There are only two possibilities in this case, not for what he wanted to say specifically, but for what he meant: Either he has no idea what the #MeToo movement is about, or he really wanted to say something misogynistic, cruel, and sexist.

I’m betting on the latter. And from his crowds’ tendencies to break into a chorus of “LOCK HER UP,” even if it’s someone not under investigation or in any kind of trouble whatsoever, they would have cheered.


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