Trump Takes Full Day To Respond To Virginia Beach Mass Shooting And It’s After He Tweeted About His Re-Election Campaign

He's a day late and a dollar short.

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President Donald Trump has never been one to give a damn about anyone but himself. Even when something as terrible as a mass shooting has taken place, he’s never quick to so much as even offer his condolences. And God knows he’s not about to implement any sort of reform to prevent it from happening again — after all, the NRA is one of his biggest champions.

The only person Trump cares about is Trump, and he made that evident once again when it took him a full day to even acknowledge the Virginia shooting that left at least 12 people dead yesterday — and he only did that after he tweeted about his reelection campaign.

“Spoke to Virginia Governor last night, and the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Virginia Beach this morning, to offer condolences to that great community. The Federal Government is there, and will be, for whatever they may need. God bless the families and all!” Donald’s tweet in reference to the shooting read.


However, the tragic shooting took place yesterday. And Trump didn’t say a word until a full day later, ensuring that he had tweeted about his impending reelection campaign first and foremost:

And per the usual, even when he did finally open his mouth about the tragedy, it was only to offer cheap condolences with no real solutions.

Of course, the Twitter universe jumped on the opportunity to drag him as the useless blowhard that he truly is:

The long and short of it is, no one wants your condolences, Mr. Trump, and nobody gives a damn about your reelection campaign. We’re tired of people dying!

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