Trump Supporters Mad As Hell As They Get Caught In Rain Storm While Waiting For Florida Rally, POTUS’ People Won’t Let Them In

You'll forgive me for laughing.

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Maybe it’s a sign? That’s the lesson I personally would urge Trump supporters at the Amway Center in Orlando to take from the massive downpour they were forced to stand in while waiting for Donald Trump to appear for his klan campaign rally later today.

Video from a Trump fan at the event who was less than happy about the inclement weather shows MAGAmaniacs huddled together under umbrellas outside the arena as the videographer complains about the message being shown on a giant screen there tells attendees to seek shelter.

They won’t let us inside the Amway, so we’re all out here with this stupid message saying that ‘we strongly suggest that you seek shelter.’ Where in the world are we gonna seek shelter? We’re all underneath these little umbrellas. [Panning the camera] They gave him a broken umbrella.”


As much as I would like to entertain some sympathy for the obviously young holder of the cell phone taking footage, “seeking shelter” is basically what every American not wearing a red ballcap has been doing for a little over two years.

Amazingly, it only rained on the white people there. So, everyone.

That last part is actually sort of amazing, considering the demographics of Orlando — it’s more diverse than the country is on average, with whites accounting for a mere 3 out of 5 people in the city. One might think that in a town made of 40 percent nonwhites, you could reasonably expect to see some at a major event.

Instead, it was a sea of melanin-free, intellectually-challenged Trump pinballs, bouncing around the maze outside the Amway as they scattered and regrouped, scrambled then huddled under the pouring rain.

Eventually, the Trump supporters were allowed inside the event center — after the storm had subsided. But what an allegory from Mother Nature for those that plan on voting for this asshole again, after everything he’s done.

Featured image via screen capture

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