Trump Stunned As Fox News Reporter Condemns POTUS’ Attacks On The Press Right To His Face

Trump did not expect this to happen on Fox News.

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Donald Trump’s presidency is going terribly — especially in terms of the media. Thanks to the president’s continuous attacks on the press and calling honest, hardworking networks and journalists “fake news,” Trump can’t even count on the one network that was still in his corner: Fox News.

Trump got a harsh reality check today when being interview by Fox News reporter Chris Wallace, as the POTUS finally realized that not even Fox News was willing to lie, look the other way, or sugarcoat things for him anymore. This all came to a head when Wallace asked Trump about his recent attacks on the press and his labeling of the media as “fake news” and “enemy of the people.” Wallace, talking to the president as if he was a young child, said:

No president has liked his press coverage. Nobody called it the enemy of the American people.”

Once Trump realized that he was being cornered for his infantile behavior, the interview became an intense back and forth, with Wallace repeatedly trying to keep Trump accountable and cornered, and the president babbling incoherently and doing everything he could to avoid giving a real answer. When Wallace pointed out that Trump only attacks the coverage he doesn’t like, Trump said:


No it’s not, no, no. I don’t mind getting bad news if I’m wrong.

The news, Chris, I’m not talking about you, but you sometimes maybe. But I’m not talking about you. The news about me is largely phony. It’s false. Even sometimes they’ll say ‘sources say.’ There is no source, in many cases – in many cases there is.”

Trump continued to spew nonsense and definitely wasn’t ready for what Wallace was going to throw at him next. Wallace flat out told the president that his administration’s favorability to Fox News didn’t matter because Fox News was standing with networks like the New York Times and CNN, who have become Trump’s targets. Wallace told Trump, “we’re in solidarity, sir.”

Trump didn’t know what to do with himself after that, so he continued to rant on and not make any sense:

I am calling fake news, fake reporting, is what’s tearing this country apart because people know, people like things that are happening and they’re not hearing about it.”

It’s nice to see the people at Fox News actually start to do their jobs. You can watch Wallace take Trump by surprise below:

Featured image via screen capture

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