Trump Says He Was Asked To Be Kashmir “Mediator,” Indian Government Just Disputed His Claim

Is he just allergic to the truth?

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Donald Trump is not good at a lot of things. He’s a terrible dad, a shitty golf player, and abysmal negotiator, and an absolute disgrace for a president. But if there is one thing that Trump is good at, it’s avoiding the truth at all costs.

The man lies so much. Literally. All of the time. It’s all he ever does. Did Trump speak? Chalk that up as a lie.

In fact, according to the Washington Post‘s Trump lie counter, Donald has told over 10,000 lies throughout his presidency, and we’re only halfway through this shit show. So you can bet your behind there are many, many more to come.


Sometimes they’re small, seemingly inconsequential lies. Sometimes they’re big, fat, in your face ones. But what never seems to fail is the fact that he always gets busted in them. It literally never fails. He loves to lie about anything and everything. But he doesn’t even do it well.

And that’s precisely what happened today when Donald met with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and tried to claim that India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has specifically requested that Trump serves as a mediator between India and Pakistan.

Lo and behold, that’s a big ole crock of shit. And Donnie got busted right in the middle of it.

For one, a White House briefing statement from Monday has absolutely no mention of the Kashmir issue. Furthermore, Raveesh Kumar, official spokesperson for India’s Ministry of Affair took to Twitter to confirm that “no such offer has been made.”

Guys, we would put on our surprised faces, but what is even the point anymore? He’s a liar. He has always been a liar. He will always be a liar. And he will continue to get busted in the middle of them because he’s not even a good liar — despite all of that practice.

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