Trump Says He Couldn’t Have Assaulted Columnist Because “She’s Not My Type”

Disgusting. Just... Disgusting.

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As we’re all painfully and sickeningly aware, Donald Trump has been accused of brutal sexual assault for what feels like the millionth time. This time, by famed advice columnist E. Jean Carroll. Carroll bravely came forward with her story just recently, detailing the attack in an excerpt for her up and coming book in New York Magazine — posing on the cover in the very same outfit that Donald Trump assaulted her in all those years ago.

Of course, Trump and his White House hastily released statements vehemently denying the allegations, ultimately calling Carroll a liar, labeling the accusation as an attack from the Democratic party to derail his campaign, and issuing thinly-veiled threats to his victim. In fact, one of Donald’s biggest defenses was the claim that he “never met” Carroll “in his life.” Despite the fact that a photo of them is included in her excerpt and easily accessible all over the internet.

But unsurprisingly enough, Trump couldn’t leave it alone. While we certainly didn’t expect even a shred of remorse or accountability, the very least he could have done was kept his mouth shut. But no. Donald Trump continues to be the detestable pig that he’s always been.


In an exclusive interview with The Hill, Donald is now claiming that he couldn’t possibly have raped this woman because “She’s not his type.”

“I’ll say it with great respect: No. 1, she’s not my type. No. 2, it never happened. It never happened, OK?” the president stated from behind his desk in the Oval Office.

She’s not his type. The man that runs our country has been accused of sexual assault for the 17th time, and his defense is “she’s not my type.”

There should be riots in the street. There should be impeachment proceedings taking place right this very moment. There should be massive, wide-spread outrage. But instead, he continues to remain perched behind the desk of the Oval Office and say that a woman isn’t attractive enough for him to rape.

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