Trump Responds To Reports Of North Korea Violating Sanctions, Signals Major Trouble Ahead

Trump is out of his mind!

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Most people knew from the start that North Korea leader Kim Jong Un was playing Trump. Kim had flattered the egotistical world leader and still has the president’s trust, despite the fact that Kim has violated nearly every agreement the president made with him.

Even though several mainstream reports have recently come out about North Korea violating the sanctions against them, Trump is still choosing to remain oblivious. Just today, Trump was tweeting about how well negotiations with Kim’s regime have been going. The president tweeted:

Many people have asked how we are doing in our negotiations with North Korea – I always reply by saying we are in no hurry, there is wonderful potential for great economic success for that country….Kim Jong Un sees it better than anyone and will fully take advantage of it for his people. We are doing just fine!


Trump is either delirious, or he really has NO idea what the hell is going on outside of his little bubble. Trump’s tweets don’t even mention the fact that North Korea has been finding ways to evade sanctions and smuggle resources in from other countries.

This couldn’t serve as a better justification for Trump’s removal from office — or at least some kind of assessment for his mental health. The president is clearly not able to face the truth or keep up with the demands of being a world leader — and either circumstances are detrimental to the country.

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