Trump Responds To Obama, Clinton Bomb Scares In The Most Cowardly Way, Even Pence Sounds More Presidential

America CANNOT count on Trump.

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President Donald Trump’s response to every national disaster, tragedy, and threat has been extremely disappointing and often downright scary. While the president loves putting on a big front and talking about how “tough” he’ll be, whenever something happens he takes a back seat or runs away.

This couldn’t have been more clear than in his response to the bomb attacks that dominated the news this morning, which threatened the safety of former President Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, CNN, and many others around the country. This is a major emergency, and America is looking to the White House for answers and a plan forward that will keep this country safe. Vice President Mike Pence reacted to the news and said:

We condemn the attempted attacks against fmr Pres Obama, the Clintons, @CNN & others. These cowardly actions are despicable & have no place in this Country. Grateful for swift response of @SecretService, @FBI & local law enforcement. Those responsible will be brought to justice.”


That’s our Vice President’s reaction. How does the President react? Like a complete coward, nearly surrendering his role to his VP. All Trump could do was write, “I agree wholeheartedly!”, as if it were a complete afterthought. Pathetic:

This is NOT who we need in the most critical position in our country. Once again, Trump is failing to give America the security and reassurance it needs during a terrifying incident. How can Trump supporters still have any faith in this spineless, lazy imposter who is currently wasting our time and money by occupying the White House?

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