Trump Responds To NYT Op-Ed, Calls For Elimination Of First Amendment Rights For The Paper

This is absolutely terrifying and completely unsurprising.

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In response to the anonymous op-ed that ran in today’s New York Times by a senior administration official, Donald Trump is absolutely apoplectic right now. Everyone understood that Trump would have more than his standard negative reaction to the piece, which not only criticized his fecklessness but served as an admission that, rather than a so-called “deep state” working against him, there is a cadre of loyal Americans who consider it their duty to stop him from literally wrecking our democracy.

But Trump had a fit. And by “a fit” I mean Trump almost immediately demanded that the Times “turn over” the anonymous official — a demand that is a violation of the First Amendment in every way imaginable — for “National Security purposes.”


That tweet, of course, followed an even briefer missive that simply wondered at the ultimate meaning of the op-ed:

His bravado in the moment that he heard about the editorial was clearly short-lived.

The truth is, Trump is absolutely unhinged and despite the fact that Fox News and a few “true believers” inside his inner circle think he’s doing a great job, the fact is that America knows Trump is finished. The Mueller investigation is coming to a head, there are guilty pleas and guilty verdicts galore, and his administration is an utter failure. Never has any President been opposed by so many people so strenuously for so long.

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