Trump Responds After Mueller Speaks, Sounds Guiltier Than Ever

The truth is coming out.

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Donald Trump has been using the semantics of Special Counsel Robert’s Mueller’s Russia investigation report along with Attorney General Bill Barr’s 4-page “summary,” which has already been proven to be extremely biased and even incorrect, as “proof” of his self-proclaimed innocence — harping that the reports show “no collusion, no obstruction.” His proclamation of innocence hasn’t been well-received from the get-go, given that Mueller’s report stated that they couldn’t find “sufficient” evidence of collusion, meaning there was evidence, just not enough, and also laid out several instances of obstruction that the Special Counsel did not have the ability to charge the president with do to confinements by the DOJ.

From the very moment of the report’s release and Barr’s subsequent summary, speculations have been swirling as to what Robert Mueller really meant. Bits and pieces of information have been trickling in as more and more important officials dig into the report and some of our suspicions were confirmed when it was leaked that Mueller personally contacted Barr in regards to his summary skewing the facts.

However, for the first time since the report was concluded, Robert Mueller personally made a statement today in which he completely discredited the president’s as well as the AG’s claims of total vindication. Mueller explained that he was unable to charge Trump with obstruction due to DOJ restrictions, but made it clear that the responsibility of justice now rests with Congress.


Of course, this obliterated the rhetoric that’s been spewed by Trump and his entire administration for months now, leaving them hard-pressed to dig their way out of this with any dignity or respectability. Being in the pinch that he is, Trump did the only thing he knows to do — took to Twitter.

In a tweet coming on the heels of Mueller’s statement, Trump basically admitted that there was evidence in the Special Counsel’s report, but called it “insufficient” and claimed that “nothing changes,” continuing to press that it’s a “case closed” situation.

Of course, Mueller only said that insufficient evidence existed of actual, personal collusion between Donald Trump and the government of Russia. He explicitly said that if there had been evidence that Trump had not obstructed justice, his office would have said so.

This is cold, hard proof that Trump is as guilty as guilty gets, and he really just wants everyone to shut up about it.

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