Trump Releases A Video Of Bush Lying In State At US Capitol, Manages To Make It All About Himself

This is truly despicable.

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Donald Trump cannot help but make everything about himself, even if it’s completely unrelated. We’ve come to expect this from him, and sometimes we just shrug our shoulders and roll our eyes at the selfish, egotistical POTUS as we are too fed up with his childish behavior to actually waste time complaining about it anymore. But sometimes, Trump crosses the line.

Trump literally picks the worst times to act like a dumb*ss and can’t help being disrespectful at any given opportunity. On Monday, the president tweeted out a message that was meant to honor former President George H.W. Bush, who had passed last Friday. Instead, he insulted the former president and pissed everyone off. Look at Trump’s message below, and see if you can figure out what’s wrong with this tweet:


How as this meant to “honor” Bush and his family? There weren’t any photos of the former president or his prominent Republican family. This message was just a few seconds long, but most of it was about TRUMP! It is absolutely disgusting that Trump would exploit Bush’s death to promote himself, but here we are.

Lots of people on Twitter noticed this immediately, and let Trump have it. Just check out the responses below:

Trump deserves every bit of criticism for this.

Featured image via screen capture

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