Trump Rally Gets Awkward As POTUS Acts Out MS-13 Gang Stabbing In Unhinged Speech

The president decided to play charades at his rally. The result was cringeworthy.

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Donald Trump had a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania last night to support Rep. Lou Barletta, a GOPer running for Senator Bob Casey’s seat. As expected, it was a sh*tshow.

During his speech, the President of the United States went entirely off script, allowing himself to go on several ridiculous rants while his loyal followers ate up every second of it. During one particularly notable and disturbing part of the rally, Trump started talking tough on current immigration laws.

The president began by whining about how the Democrats are preventing him from building his beloved wall. To add more drama and drive his point home about why America needs his ridiculous wall, Trump started talking about the MS-13 gang — and things got really weird.


It happened when Trump went after Casey to help Barletta out, falsely claiming that “Bob Casey doesn’t mind MS-13 coming in.”  To add some flair to his fear-mongering, Trump threw in the charades. The president actually acted out an MS-13 gang stabbing for his supporters as he said “These are the slicers, they slice you up.” You can watch this cringe-worthy part of the rally below:

This wasn’t the only awkward part of the rally. Trump also came up with a name for Casey, dubbing him “Sleepin’ Bob” as he talked about the Senator’s views on immigration. In the clip below, you can see the president beaming with pride because he was “clever” enough to come up with the nickname on the spot. This is what we get for electing a child:

Trump’s rallies have gotten to the point where they are either dangerous or embarrassing. Just a few days ago, a Trump rally made headlines because Trump’s supporters were harassing reporters. Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse as we head toward midterms.

Featured image via screen capture

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