Trump Proves He’s Unwell, Melania Has To Stop Him From Leaving Room After He Forgets To Sign Bill

Trump is not well enough to lead this country!

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Donald Trump’s health has been a major topic of discussion since he hit the campaign trail as a presidential candidate. Many people questioned his nonstop diet of fast food, his habit of guzzling Diet Coke, his allergy to exercise and other healthy habits like sleeping, and his horrifying unhinged behavior on and off social media.

And concerns for Trump’s health have only grown as we observe his behavior as President of the United States. There have been several instances where Trump has wandered off and seemed to look lost, or appeared to go off the rails and forget what he was supposed to say during a speech. Things have gotten so bad that sometimes Trump tries to leave a room because he can’t remember why he was there in the first place – like when he has to sign a bill into law! This has happened multiple times, and it happened again today.

CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller reported that Trump tried to leave the East Room before signing a bill, because he’d clearly forgotten why he was there. It was First Lady Melania Trump that came to the rescue this time, and reminded him that he hadn’t finished his presidential duties.


While the fact that this has happened AGAIN is extremely embarrassing for our country, it’s even more terrifying to think that this continues to happen and the Republican Party refuses to address it. Trump is clearly unwell and unfit to lead the country, and the GOP is ignoring it and pretending not to notice. If Trump does not address his physical and mental health issues, the consequences could be dire.

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