Trump Officially Loses It, Endorses The Wrong Republican In Special Election Race

He's clearly under a lot of pressure right now.

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Donald Trump is a busy man. When he’s not watching Fox and Friends or golfing, Trump barely has time after Executive Time™ to attend his own rallies — let alone make appearances for the Republicans across the country who actually want him to campaign for them. But we can’t help but feel like that’s really no excuse for not remembering the name of his next endorsee.

Trump generally primes the pump before a campaign visit with a few tweets to get both his own base fired up and to get the candidate’s voters excited about coming to the event, where they can expect to finally experience the thrill of a real-life Donald Trump rally: “Lock her up” chants, making menacing faces at reporters, and cheering every time the President says something overtly racist.

But today’s tweet in support of the candidate he’s endorsing did not go well. We’ve seen Trump delete plenty of tweets, but here at DC Tribune, we can’t find anything in the archives of him getting the person he’s going to see completely wrong:


That looks normal, right? The problem is, you can’t vote for Steve Stivers until November — and he doesn’t need help anyway. He won an unopposed primary in May, and his district is considered safely Republican. I’m sure he appreciated Trump’s “full & total endorsement,” but it may have come as a surprise to Troy Balderson, a state legislator, who’s running in the district in a tight race against Democrat Danny O’Connor in a special election next Tuesday.

Trump is scheduled to be in Ohio to campaign for Balderson on Saturday, and indicated as much in his swift correction:

To be honest, I’m just hoping that he forgets Troy’s name while he’s on stage Saturday night.

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