Trump Offered Russia Help With Their Wildfires Even Though He Criticized California For Theirs

It's clear where his loyalty lies.

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Last year, 8,527 fires raged across the state of California, destroying a total of 1,893,913 acres and killing at least 82 people — making last year’s wildfire season the deadliest and most destructive that California has ever seen.

And what was our “president,” Donald Trump doing as these wildfires ravaged through the Western-most coast of our country, completely obliterating people’s homes and livelihoods, taking lives with it? Why he was placing all of the blame on the shoulders of the state of California for not raking the leaves up out of the forest — that’s what Donald Trump was doing.

It took a full week of the media and the American public putting him on blast before he would even agree to sign an emergency declaration — even though he hands out national emergencies like cheap t-shirts at a high school football game.


And even after he finally signed an emergency declaration, he still went back a few months later and doubled down on his claim that just raking up the leaves out there in the wilderness would’ve solved the problem all along.

“Remember I went to California [last November], I saw something that nobody has ever seen — it was like a blowtorch,” Trump reiterated. “It was 80 mile an hour winds, and the death and destruction was incredible, and I said, ‘you need forest management.’ They were saying it was global warming. It could have had something to do with it, but you need forest management.” His “idea,” however, has been repeatedly debunked by actual scientists.

Why does this matter now, you ask? Well, folks, Russia is on fire.

So far, wildfires in Siberia have burned a total of 6.7 million acres. And wouldn’t you know, ole Donald Trump is being a hell of a lot more accommodating now that it’s Vladimir Putin’s life and livelihood in the crosshairs.

Evidently, Donald has been in touch with Putin himself and offered the Russian dictator all kinds of American assistance. According to a Kremlin statement that was quoted by the Russian Embassy, Putin expressed his appreciation for Trump’s gesture and said he would take the American president up on his offer should the country need it. The Kremlin statement claimed that the two world leaders intend to stay in touch.

“The Russian president assessed this move on the part of the US president as a guarantee of the future restoration of full-fledged bilateral relations,” the Kremlin statement, quoted by the Russian Embassy read.

But what’s the best part of it all? Well, that would be the fact that all of this has gone down without Trump uttering a single, solitary word to the American public.

He’s just going on about his life, conducting business with Russia as he pleases, and we have to find out from the Russians. Kind of like the wife that finds out about the affair from the mistress.

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