Trump Meets Up With Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor, Takes His Most Unpresidential Photo To Date

This image will haunt you.

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There have been several moments that have defined just how terrible Donald Trump’s presidency is and yet he continues to up the ante. There is no shortage of unpresidential moments when it comes to The Donald, but today just might take the cake and signal a new low.

Trump is in Louisiana meeting with Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, and America should be ashamed of what happened when he arrived in Lake Charles and was greeted by Nungesser.

Unfortunately, there is photographic evidence of what transpired. As cameras rolled, Trump shook Nungesser’s hand and posed for a cringeworthy photo. While this fortunately wasn’t one of Trump’s awkward and creepy handshake moments, what happened next was much worse. Nungesser raised his leg and lifted up his pants, exposing socks that featured the president’s face and hair. Trump, gloating with more narcissism than ever before, pointed at Nungesser’s socks and smiled for the camera as this moment was unfortunately captured.


This will, without a doubt, serve as yet another painful reminder of a terrible moment in U.S. history. See this disaster of a freak show for yourself:

These socks are sold by a company called Gumball Poodle, and can apparently be purchased through Amazon. The description reads:

Donald Trump socks with soft, luxurious hair you can style, comb over, clip and tease. Change the President’s style to suit your mood!”

Gross. If this is the moment that’s going to kick off Trump’s time in Louisiana, we’re terrified of anything the president is going to do next. We all know that once Trump starts feeling himself (which is pretty much all the time), there’s no stopping his antics and unpresidential behavior.

Featured image via screen capture

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