Trump Makes Rare Confession About His Racist Hate Speech, His Followers Will Be Shocked

This is honestly infuriating!

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As the midterms draw near and the Republican Party grows exceedingly nervous about what the polls are going to decide for the future of their party, we’re seeing some very pathetic,  desperate campaign strategies and tactics.

This morning, Morning Joe decided to analyze some of these tactics and noted the blatant racism that many Republican candidates are using to get conservatives into the voting booths. This conversation, while exposing Republicans for their vile nature, also revealed a startling revelation about our own president which will infuriate many of us.

During one part of the segment, co-host Joe Scarborough called Donald Trump out for consistently bringing up his “heritage” stance on the horrific events in Charlottesville so that his rally goers will continue to feel connected to his white nationalist stance.


Co-host Mika Brzezinski then brought up a discussion she’d had with Trump off-camera when he was a candidate in the 2016 presidential race, and revealed that Trump had admitted he knew his racially polarizing speech was wrong, but that “it works.” You can watch Brzezinski divulge her disturbing conversation with Trump below:

Considering how many hate crimes have come from Trump’s hate speech, we cannot think of a more irresponsible stance by the President of the United States. Trump has continued to spew constant hateful language and policies regardless of how much criticism he gets or how many people get killed over the divisive political environment he’s created. This man only cares about one thing — winning — and he doesn’t give a damn what he has to say in order to please his insane fanbase.

Trump’s admission that racist comments are wrong but that they “work” shows his truly vile nature and proves that he will stop at nothing to continue “winning” for the Republican Party. Unfortunately for him, this might actually end up making them lose at the polls tomorrow.

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