Trump Makes Major Announcement Regarding Rod Rosenstein’s Future At The White House

The president has given his final word...or is it?

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There has been a lot of speculation about the tense relationship between Donald Trump and his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, with several reports suggesting the president might be looking to get rid of him. But earlier today, the president weighed in on where their relationship stands now, and it looks like Rosenstein may be sticking around.

Before Rosenstein and Trump departed together to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Convention in Orlando, Fla., Trump said he had a “good relationship” with Rosenstein. Speaking to reporters on the White House South Lawn, Trump said he was looking forward to speaking with Rosenstein on Air Force One. When he was asked if he had plans to fire Rosenstein, Trump said, “No I don’t.” Trump said:

I look forward to being with him. That will be very nice. We’re going to be talking. We’ll be talking on the plane. I actually have a good relationship other than there’s been no collusion, folks, no collusion. But I have a very good relationship.”

When Trump was asked if he was concerned about Rosenstein’s loyalty, Trump danced around the question a little, but said he got along “very well” with him.


Look, I’m traveling with Rod I didn’t know Rod before. I’ve gotten to know him and I get along very well with him.”

These comments follow remarks that Trump had made a few weeks ago during a press conference, in which the president said he didn’t intend to fire Rosenstein and would prefer that the Deputy AG kept his job. You can listen to Trump’s comments on Rosenstein from earlier today below:

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