Trump Makes Bizarre Comment About First Responders At Police Conference, Shows His True Character

What a sociopath.

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Donald Trump always seems to show his worst self whenever he is speaking at a respectable event. While Trump supporters seemed to believe that their beloved reality television star would somehow turn presidential once he began his term, Trump has repeatedly proven that he will never possess the grace his predecessors had — and he just proved it again today.

Today, Trump spoke at the Major County Sheriffs and Major Cities Chiefs Association Joint Conference, which led him to say something truly bizarre while completely exposing one of his biggest character flaws. Earlier today, CNBC reporter John Harwood reported that Trump was absolutely beside himself that first responders would save complete strangers:


It is hardly shocking that Trump, being the most selfish person in this country, would say this — it’s just shocking that he would admit to it publicly. As soon as this was reported, people were beside themselves:

Trump is so far gone in his sociopathic nature that he can’t even realize what’s wrong with his statement or why people would be alarmed. This is exactly why he should have never gotten into the White House. Throughout his entire presidency, he has only cared about one person — himself. It makes total sense that he wouldn’t understand the empathy and courage of first responders or why anyone would want to save the lives of their fellow humans. Trump doesn’t have the ability to feel empathy.

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