Trump-Loving Boxer Wears “America 1st” Wall Shorts Against Mexican Fighter, Gets His Ass Beat

This Big Beautiful Wall came crumbling down.

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On this first day of the Trump Shutdown, we here at DC Tribune thought there could be nothing more appropriate than revisiting one of the greatest symbolic sporting events in American history, as it pertains to that singular object causing all of our current government woes: That stupid f*cking wall that Donald Trump promised his racist fans during the campaign.

Back in April, one American fighter thought he would try out the kind of bravado that Trump displayed on the campaign trail as he repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for the wall he intended to build to keep Mexicans out, even incorporating the Reich-like phrase Trump has underscored his presidency with, “America First.”

Boxer “Lightning” Rod Salka showed up to a high-profile match against Mexican boxeador Francisco “El Bandido” Vargas wearing shorts that depicted the would-be border wall, complete with bricks, in a red, white, and blue color scheme — even including the catchphrase on the waistband.


The irony here is already huge, even from just the fighters’ nicknames — Trump is considered a lightning rod for his views, and the Mexicans he wants to keep out of the country could appropriately be described as “bandidos” (bandits, crooks). Obviously, Salka fully intended to represent the Trumpist view when he came to that ring. And it didn’t take long for Salka to get as trashed as Trump’s idiotic plans for a pointless wall as Vargas dismantled him brick by brick.

In the sixth round, his corner team stopped the fight, awarding Vargas a technical knockout. The America First boxer finished second.

It wasn’t the first time Rod Salka was publicly humiliated with a defeat that included his political views — he actually ran for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a Republican during the same year that Trump ran for President — but he was pummeled by Democrat William Kortz, losing by more than 30 points.

Social media was not kind to Rod Salka:

Salka, of course, insists he’s not a racist because that’s what racists do. But the bottom line is, “Lightning” Rod brought a wall to that fight, and he paid for it his own damn self. It was Salka’s fifth career loss — and the last bout he ever fought.

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