Trump Loses His Mind During Live Interview, Starts Yelling About Mueller, He “Terminated The Emails!”

What is wrong with him?!

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Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Fox Business today and by the end off it, he effectively lost his whole damn mind.

Donald has been shouting “No collision! No obstruction!” from the rooftops since before the Special Counsel even concluded his investigation. But despite the repeated perpetuation of his claim to victimhood, his actions have betrayed him as he continues to guiltily rambled and rage over against Mueller.

During his interview with his most beloved network, Donald once again launched into an all-out attack against the FBI, claiming that they improperly spied on his campaign before digging into “the two pathetic lovers” Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.


Bartiromo, the Fox Business host, stated: “Well, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page wrote everything down, so we’ve got all the texts.”

And Trump effectively went bonkers, claiming that Robert Mueller hid two more exchanges between Page and Strzok. The host attempted to interject with a question multiple times, but Donald’s rage could not be staunched:

“Wait till you see the rest of their – here’s the problem, Robert Mueller, they worked for him, and two lovers were together and they had texts back-and-forth, e-mail back-and-forth…Mueller terminated them illegally. He terminated the emails, he terminated all stuff between Strzok and Page, you know, they sung like you’ve never seen. Robert Mueller terminated their text messages together, he terminated them. They’re gone! And that’s illegal! That is a crime!”

Bartiromo couldn’t get a word in edgewise, forced to simply nod along with a perplexed look on his face until he was finally able to question why the supposed crimes hadn’t been brought up in court.

“I guess it will be, and the Republicans know it,” Trump responded.

“Can you imagine what they said – how stupid they are – can you imagine what they said, these stupid lovers,” Donald continued. “He’s trying to show what a big man he is making statements, and she is back to him ‘oh yes darling, yes darling.’ How stupid they were, this was a love serenade going on.”

The host tried again to tried to question why no one has seen this alleged exchange considering Trump gave AG Barr the clearance to declassify, but Donald dogged the question completely and moved to whine about his approval rating tanking due to “phony charges.”

For someone that’s supposedly so innocent, the man sure can’t seem to shut the hell up about it.

You can watch the clip here:

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