Trump Lawyer Implicates POTUS In Another Crime Of Obstruction In Interview With Wall Street Journal

This is hilarious and sad.

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Rudolph W. Giuliani. You should get used to hearing it like that because pretty soon, that’s going to be how you hear him referred to in court filings and briefs and subpoenas. At 75 years old, it’s probably been 65 years since he heard someone use the whole thing at once.

Here’s the thing: I’m actually starting to feel bad for ol’ Rudy Colludy, because as it turns out, he is an exceptionally stupid man. Either that, or he’s self-destructive in the extreme. That’s the only way to explain his abnormal penchant for going on television or doing interviews or answering questions all in the service of making everything worse for himself and his “client” Donald Trump.

Like, boy, if you thought Michael Cohen was a bad personal lawyer, you have not met Rudy yet.


There’s a bit of a joke that makes it around social media every time Rudy does something dumber than the last time he did something dumb: If you get a jaywalking ticket, just call Rudy and he’ll get it plea-bargained down to second-degree murder!

It’s about time to bust out that gem again, because now a Wall Street Journal exclusive has Rudy actually doing an interview with them in which he tells them — out loud and on the record — that a big part of the reason that former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was dismissed from her position this last spring was because he told the President she had an “anti-Trump bias,” and that her removal was of key importance to Trump, who had interests in Ukraine that she was preventing from coming to fruition.

From today’s WSJ:

…in the lead-up to Ms. Yovanovitch’s removal, he reminded the president of complaints percolating among Trump supporters that she had displayed an anti-Trump bias in private conversations. In Mr. Giuliani’s view, she also had been an obstacle to efforts to push Ukraine to investigate Mr. Biden and his son Hunter.”

So here we have Rudy telling one of the nation’s largest newspapers of record that:

  • There was an effort to “push” Ukraine into a Biden investigation
  • The US Ambassador to Ukraine was getting in the way of that; and
  • Trump fired her so that he could carry out his plan to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens

Just so we’re clear, all of that is illegal and impeachable. And Rudy’s no patsy who just knew what was going on but wasn’t responsible. He actually gave Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a 9-page file on the timeline of what he considered were the dealings of the Bidens in Ukraine and later admitted that “The reason I gave the information to the secretary was I believed that he should know that the president’s orders to fire her were being blocked by the State Department.”

RUDY. RUDESTER. RUDILIANI. Let’s shut that yap, shall we? Are you trying to send everyone to prison?

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