Trump Just Looked Up In Air During Press Briefing And Said “I Am The Chosen One”

Yes, really.

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump uttered the words he’s likely been waiting to say since November of 2016, and the context he said them in almost highlights how eager he was to use the phrase.

Speaking to a group of reporters at the White House Wednesday morning, Trump was railing on about trade with China, a prospect he is widely believed to be in way over his head with. But the grandiosity of his turn of phrase coupled very poorly with his self-aggrandizing tweet earlier in the day in which he repeated Wayne Allyn Root’s belief that he is like the “King of Israel.”


The fact that he was “merely” referencing his dealings with Xi Jinping and China’s economic powerhouse when he elected to sound like Harry Potter or Anakin Skywalker makes it all the more absurd that he would use such a phrase. But when you look at it in line with his apparent belief that Israeli Jews consider him their “king” — a title already notably taken by some guy named Jesus — you can see the mental apotheosis of Donald Trump: He believes he has become a god.

In fact, his earlier tweet said exactly that — that he was like the “second coming of God.”

It’s apparent, of course, that Trump relies heavily on imagery like this to appeal to the powerful voting bloc of evangelicals, whose ability to ignore his many, many sins translates directly into an ability to believe literally anything he says makes them both dangerously uninformed and central to his campaign strategy.

Twitter had its say about his delusions of grandeur:

The rest of us are, unfortunately, left scratching our heads and wondering if that whole “antichrist” thing is real.

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