Trump Jr. Posts Damaging Information About Daddy And His Administration; This Is Classic

What an idiot!

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Donald Trump Jr. has never been able to keep his behind out of hot water when it comes to his social media accounts. It seems he just has no self-control — tweeting whatever flits through that weird brain of his, consequences be damned. That’s why no one really bats an eye anymore when he retweets white supremacists, defends misogyny, and even downright admits to potential crimes.

But this time, it appears that Jr. didn’t quite think things through this morning — when he posted a poll to his Instagram that stated the majority of those polled felt that his dad, Donald Trump, had improper dealings with Russia and wanted to see the full, unredacted Mueller report sooner rather than later.

He headlined the post, ‘Majority of Americans believe Russia Probe was Politically Motivated’ followed by the caption, “Wow. Shocked. People believe the Russia hoax was politically motivated. Wonder why they would believe that with our super honest and unbiased media selling it for the DNC for two years with zero evidence or proof???”


While the poll did reveal that the majority did feel the investigation was politically motived, Don Jr. did what all Trumps do best and apparently just ignored the rest of the information in the poll — all of which did not paint his father in a very flattering or beloved light.

Seventy percent of the respondents reported that they wanted the Mueller report released in its entirety. On top of that, 60 percent reported that they do in fact believe that POTUS had improper dealings with Russia.

Don Jr., as usual, opened his big, fat mouth as soon as he saw something that he thought he could maybe rub in the public’s face. But, again like usual, he just ended up making himself look like a big ass.

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573 points