Trump Jokes About Nosedive In Stock Market, Blames It On Former Dem Candidate For President

Read the room, dick.

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Friday morning, Donald Trump was on fire on Twitter, blazing off angry missives about China, the Federal Reserve, fentanyl, and outsourcing, and issuing directives to American companies like a dictator. But in one of his early tweets, during a moment of anger at Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, he called the econ chair “our enemy,” sparking a precipitous drop in the stock market, taking the Dow, the S&P, and the NASDAQ all down by more than two full percentage points.


But the exact timing of Trump’s tweet — as noted by even right-wing commentator Erick Erickson coincided perfectly with the beginning of the crash:

Trump thought it would be funny, however, to blame former Democratic presidential candidate Seth Moulton, a four-tour veteran who led one of the first invasions into Baghdad in 2003 and was awarded the Bronze Star. Moulton dropped out of the race on Friday, and was a perfect target for Trump’s dark and inappropriate humor:

Of course, that was nearly an hour ago, and the Dow is down even more now — already the tenth-biggest single-day point drop in the history of the market.

Funny joke, Mr. President.

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