Trump Humiliated After Cable News Refused To Broadcast Speech He Begged Them To Show

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There is nothing that Donald Trump loves more than all eyes on him. And there is nothing we love more than to see him absolutely humiliated when it turns out that no one actually gives a damn about what he has to say. Lucky enough for us, that’s exactly what happened today as Trump was heading to deliver a commencement address at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.

While en route to the ceremony, Trump took to his Twitter account to announce that he was getting ready to deliver his speech and expected it to be broadcast on live TV because the networks want good ratings.

However, much to our delight, it turns out the cable news networks didn’t give a f*ck and ultimately ignored his address. Even his beloved Fox News Network, which Trump depends on to cover every move he makes in a flattering manner, only played 3 minutes of his near half-hour long, dull speech before cutting to something at least halfway important.


CNN covered his address for a while, but simultaneously discussed Trump’s “flurry of lies” as he droned on in the background — which we’d imagine isn’t exactly what Donnie was expecting. MSNBC also covered Trump’s Mueller meltdown and asylum restriction plans in lieu of covering his speech.

It seems that most prominent networks have recently started cutting back on Trump’s air time, apparently not seeing any uptick in ratings by allowing him unrestricted airway access as a platform for his typically insane, off-script rants.

Despite Trump’s claims that networks would be chomping at the bit to get him on the air, it seems they believe their air time is better spent discussing what a dumpster fire Donald and his presidency are.

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