Trump Has Super Awkward Thanksgiving Phone Call With Coast Guard, Makes Himself Look Like An Idiot

I can't stop cringing.

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While many former presidents such as Barack Obama and George W. Bush have spent Thanksgiving honoring the U.S. troops and spending the holiday with the men and women who serve our country, Donald Trump merely decided to make a phone call between golf games as he stayed in Palm Beach, Florida.

Fortunately, karma took care of the president because this Thanksgiving phone call turned into a disaster and was yet another embarrassment to the president. After fear-mongering about the caravan, Trump spoke with U.S. troops stationed abroad and started to discuss trade wars with a Coast Guard officer. Trump asked the officer what he was seeing on trade, and then whined that “we don’t have any good trade deals.” Trump said:

What do you see the region? How are they feeling about trade because you know, for me, is a very big subject. We have been taken advantage of for many, many years by bad trade deals. We don’t have any good trade deals.”

There were a few awkward moments of silence as the officer hesitated and tried to find the words to break the news to Trump as gently as possible. The Coast Guard officer told the president that there was actually an abundance of trade in the area, as cargo ships were constantly passing through. Trump responded:


Right now, every nation in the world does well, we don’t do well with them. That is changing and changing fast. If you were doing a brand, they would say this is one of the great brand increases. Nobody has gone up more than the Coast Guard.”

Because, you know, increasing their “brand” is totally what people sign up for the US military to do.

The president is totally insane and has no idea how to run this country. Even on a holiday, Trump can’t scale back his vile personality and prevent it from making America look terrible on the world stage. You can watch this cringeworthy conversation below:

Featured image via screen capture

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